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The legends of my favorite sport.
Chapman and Andretti at USGP 1968Jim Clark's Lotus at USGP 1966Carroll ShelbyUS Grand Prix Grid 1966Lotus Drivers USGP 1966Lorenzo Bandini at Watkins Glen 1966Jim Clark at USGP 1966Dan Gurney USGP 1966Graham Hill USGP 1966A.J. Foyt at IRP 1968A.J. Foyt at IRP 1968Al Unser and Parnelli JonesAl Unser, Sr. 1970Bobby Unser at Indy 1970Jo Bonnier at Elkhart Lake, 1968Jack Brabham at Indy 1970Can Am Mid Ohio 1970Mark Donohue at DonnybrookeGeorge Eaton at Elkhart 1968Jim Hall at Elkhart Lake 1968

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